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Natural Born Grillers Use Coconut Charcoal

August 7, 2012
Afire's coconut charcoal is a healthy update on grilling. (Image courtesy of mccun934)

It’s BBQ season; what matters isn’t just what you cook, but how you cook it. We found a cleaner, more natural alternative to traditional charcoal: 100% natural carbonized coconut shells, with no petroleum, fossil fuels, nitrates or any other chemicals — and it burns 50% more efficiently. Cue Afire, here to help sustain the party and the environment while ensuring no one misses out on a smoky steak or grilled zucchini.

Hardcore charcoal enthusiasts may have disowned their gas-grilling friends and brushed away disputes over the health risks of charcoal. We’re not here to tell you to kick the habit; you can diminish the dangers associated with charcoal grills with a bit of careful cooking.

But if you’re solidly pro-briquette, why not try Afire’s Premium KOKO Coconut Charcoal? The carbonized shells won’t make a sausage taste like coconut, but do expect plenty of smoke in the flavor—yet less in the air. The coconut shell charcoal is also more efficient than conventional charcoal, burning longer and cleaner than the average briquette.

Once you’re set under the grates, what about on top? Using sustainable harvesting and cutting methods, Afire creates beautiful planks from sugar maple, white cedar, golden alder and black cherry wood. Local tree farmers select mature trees as well as smaller trees to avoid harming the bigger, stronger specimens that require more nutrition.

Add a homemade or all-natural rub to your eco-friendly charcoal and consciously sourced plank—soon enough you’ll feel like a natural born griller.

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Good food brings people together.
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