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7 Reasons Why You Should Give Meal Delivery Services A Try

February 18, 2017

Whether you’re a poster child for an Instagram #foodfail (does the top left photo resemble something from your past?) or you rule at roasting (as this home cook did, with a little help from Green Chef), you’ve no doubt heard of meal kit delivery companies. Perhaps the idea of them seemed, well, a little annoying? Order meals in advance? No thanks, you might have thought, you don’t know what you’ll want for dinner days from now. And the cost—there’s no way they can be cheaper than shopping for food or ordering takeout. 

But 8 million people can’t all be wrong. Intrigued, we decided to try a few. Guess what? We were stunned to see how much we absolutely loved them—especially our favorite, the USDA certified-organic Green Chef. Let us count the ways why we’re now true dinner kit converts; you’ll be convinced that you should be, too.

1. You’re Getting A Fun Mini-Cooking Lesson
If you’re looking to improve your skill set in the kitchen, meal services are like a private lesson. Researchers say meal kits can leave cooks feeling more empowered. Sear like a champ, own that buttermilk brine, and nail a light-as-air tempura in tested recipes that will easily increase your cooking chops. Your dinner will look exactly like a restaurant-quality dish (photo, top right), when you make Green Chef’s Herb Roasted Chicken With Roasted Parsnips & Carrots And A Brussels Sprout Salad.

2. You’re Supporting Local Farmers And A Sustainable Food System
It’s hard to buy more sustainable ingredients yourself. Green Chef, for instance, doesn’t use anything that contains GMOs, artificial ingredients, growth hormones or antibiotics. The  chicken is certified organic, raised on 100 percent vegetarian feed, and the fish is sustainably procured and certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

3. You’re Cutting Down On Food Waste
No need to cook a recipe designed for four when it’s just you and your bae. Ingredients arrive individually portioned for that night’s menu, so you won’t spend time tomorrow wondering how to use a half-bunch of scallions or leave three organic Yukon Gold potatoes to languish in the crisper drawer until the next presidential election. Plus, the individual household savings on food waste are having a mega environmental impact.



4. You’ll Beat Boredom and Broaden Your Repertoire
“Making dinner every night really wears thin,” chef Sara Moulton told The New York Times. “You bore yourself.” You’ll stop resorting to cheap chemical-filled burritos or wilting salad bar scraps when you see how veggie flatbreads, deviled cod with bacon, and chicken yakiniku are well within weeknight reach when every ingredient arrives at your door, along with hold-your-hand instructions that remove any mystery or guesswork.

5. You’ll Save Money On The Freshest Produce & Proteins Available
Because of their relationships with farmers and suppliers, you’ll get farm-fresh produce and sustainably-sourced proteins at a price point the local Thai takeout joint just can’t hold a candle to. Plus, the freshness can’t be beat as everything arrives in tip-top shape.

6. You’ll Eliminate The Less-Fun Aspects of Cooking
Meal delivery services don’t wash the pots and pans, but they do just about everything else. You don’t have to run around town or stand in line to source hard-to-find ingredients like fresh ramen and vadouvan, and your mushrooms and bok choy arrive clean and ready to hit the pot. Leaving you more time to…

7. Celebrate The Best Parts of Cooking At Home
Cooking relieves stress—hauling groceries home from the store, not so much. But with meal delivery kits taking the shopping and planning off your to-do list, there’s more time to enjoy the part of cooking we love the most: hanging out in the kitchen with loved ones, sampling the arrabiata sauce together, and telling stories from our day while the chicken pan-sears. In our homes, that’s priceless.


Inspired to try a meal delivery service? Sign-up for Green Chef, a USDA certified-organic, super fresh, flexible, and fast meal delivery service. We scored you $50 off (good for free 4 dinners!) if you sign up today.

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