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6 Ways to Keep Skin Looking Fresh All Winter

January 22, 2018

Staying warm, avoiding colds and flu, maintaining fitness—winter brings with it a host of health issues. One that can be among the most challenging: Keeping skin hydrated and healthy.

Between the outside cold, dry heated air inside, and other factors, your skin needs some extra love to keep it looking dewy and soft. Here are 6 steps you can take today to get your glow on.

  1. Moisturize (duh!). Obviously you know that you need to slather on moisturizer year-round, but it’s especially important when temperatures drop. We love BioClarity’s Hydrate Skin Smoothie. This vegan, allergen-, paraben- and artificial fragrance-free formula features Floralux®, an upgraded form of chlorophyll, the nutrient-loaded green pigment in plants that does everything from fighting blemishes to minimizing fine lines and reducing inflammation. It also contains argan, olive and jojoba oils, calming chamomile, nutrients, and shea butter, so it’s that perfect combination of rich and super-hydrating but also lightweight, making it a great solution for any skin type. Use it alone or as the finale for BioClarity’s simple, affordable three-step skin-care routine.BioClarity
  2. Strategize showers. Though it’s tempting to step into a steamy shower and stay there, too much hot water can dry out your skin by removing the protective oils it produces. Plan workouts so you can limit yourself to one shower per day. Once you’re in there, keep the water on the temperate side, and step out after a few minutes.
  3. Drink lots of water. This is always good advice, but it’s especially important during the winter when it may not be top of mind. Along with boosting immunity, regulating body temperature, aiding digestion and more, keeping that water bottle filled in the winter can help skin stay hydrated from the inside out. Pro tip: Eating hydrating foods also helps.
  4. Plug in a humidifier. By adding moisture back to dry, heated air indoors, a humidifier can help keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful and healthy. Bonus: It’s tougher for viruses to travel through moist air, so a humidifier may help keep you well all winter.
  5. Exfoliate (…gently). Sloughing off dull, dead skin cells and stimulating growth of new cells can help keep you looking fresh and fabulous. Be sure to stick to natural ingredients and avoid harsh chemical scrubs and peels that can cause swelling and redness.
  6. Keep up workouts. Even the most dedicated exerciser can find it tough to motivate when it’s freezing outside. One good reason to get sweaty: Your skin. Working out gets more oxygen to your cells and helps you sleep better, both of which show on your face. Can’t get yourself out of the house? No worries: Here are 8 of our fave streaming services so you can work out like a boss at home or on the road.

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