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5 Ways to Avoid Germs This Holiday Season

November 19, 2019

There’s definitely something special about the holidays, no matter which ones you celebrate. People just seem happier, more loving, and more generous. Not to mention the cooler, crisper weather puts a pep in everyone’s step. Unfortunately, with all that extra cheer and added time shopping in public places, coughs and sniffles find a way to tag along. If you love the holidays, but don’t love getting sick (who does?), follow these five tips for avoiding germs this holiday season.

1. Beware of germ hotspots.

There is one thing that can help you avoid germs this holiday season, and it’s not just for planes. During the holidays, any unsuspecting surface in your home can become a germ hotspot. For instance, door knobs, window sills, light switches, handles to kitchen appliances, and chair backs are all breeding grounds for germs. Every time someone touches one of these areas — and it happens hundreds of times at any given holiday gathering — more germs latch onto the surface.

If you’re hosting, make an effort to clean these surfaces regularly as people come and go. Rather than reaching for something full of chemicals or other harmful ingredients, dig out the PlaneAire Surface & Air Purifying Travel Mist from your last trip and use it on these areas. Its germ-combating ability removes bacterial history someone else has left behind, killing 99 percent of harmful bacteria with 100-percent organic ingredients — it’s a cleaning tool you can feel good about.

2. Disinfect surfaces if you’re traveling.

Travel environments — planes, trains, subways, buses, airports, etc. — provide ample opportunities for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to fester. Every chair, handrail, storage bin, bench, and cup holder you encounter while traveling is, no doubt, swimming with germs.

An all-natural, travel-specific antibacterial solution is PlaneAire, which you can conveniently carry on to any travel vessel, including planes, since the bottle is TSA-approved. Use it on any germy surface you encounter by simply spraying and wiping down with a tissue or letting it air dry. Made from six 100-percent pure, certified organic essential oils, its refreshing herbal scent is now significantly lighter, while still maintaining the same powerful antimicrobial properties of the original formulation.

3. Keep your house stocked with the right supplies.

If you’re planning any get-togethers this holiday season, you’ll want to keep your house stocked with quality cleaning supplies — and make them very accessible to your guests. For instance, that tub of disinfecting wipes you usually keep stored away in a cupboard? Put it out in the open in a space where people might need it, like the kitchen counter.

Additionally, make sure to stock the bathrooms with hand soap and stash something easy to use, like PlaneAire, in the air or in the bowl, in the guest and lounging rooms and living spaces. A good rule of thumb to remember: Guests are more likely to actually use cleaning supplies if they’re visible and accessible.

4. Wash your hands and wash them again.

You didn’t think you’d read this article without hearing this piece of advice, did you? Hate to break it to you, but no one’s ever going to tell you that washing your hands doesn’t work. In fact, washing your hands is probably the simplest and most effective thing you can do to protect your health: This simple act can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause serious illnesses, including Salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus.

5. Consider an air purifier.

There’s nothing quite like a spectacular holiday party — but when there are that many people in your home, the air may also be full of allergens, dirt, and germs.

A high-quality air purifier is certainly no small investment. For a subtle and effective way to clear the air (literally), consider purchasing PlaneAire. It’ll help your family and guests breath cleaner air, all holiday season long.

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