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5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Meals Healthier

April 17, 2019

You pile on the veggies, you avoid excess sugar and processed foods—you’ve got this healthy-eating thing down. So now that you’ve got the foundation in place, we want to share a few of our favorite tweaks that can help you up the nutrients and boost the flavor of your meals. These tips and simple habits are just the boost you need for pro-level healthy cooking.

1. Use more herbs and spices.

To make your meals more interesting, look no further than your fridge and spice rack. Not only do herbs and spices taste amazing, they also add tons of nutrients and can improve heart health, fight inflammation, boost immunity and more. Try upping the amount called for in recipes, adding them to dishes that only have salt and pepper, and tossing them into unexpected places—like smoothies and treats.

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2. Be generous with healthy fats.

Fats can make meals more satisfying and delicious, and they also have numerous health benefits, including helping your body absorb certain nutrients better (like vitamins A, E, D and K), boosting energy and hormone balance, aiding digestion and skin health, and more.

Cook with healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado oil, and grass-fed ghee; drizzle olive oil on steamed vegetables; add avocado to… everything; and incorporate foods with healthy fats into your snacks, such as smoked wild salmon, hard-cooked eggs and nuts.

3. Keep track.

The best way to ensure you’re getting what you need is to stay on top of what you’re eating. We love the Edamam Nutrition Wizard, which helps us do everything from real-time nutrition analysis of ingredients and full recipes to calculating personalized recommended daily intakes of nutrients. You can use it to save recipes, modify them on the fly to improve their nutrition profile and even generate nutrition labels.


4. Learn how to balance flavors.

When making dressings and sauces, when something tastes flat, we tend to grab the salt. Seasoning with salt is perfectly fine — but your mixture might be missing something else, like something sweet or acidic. Try tweaking with a touch of raw honey, a splash of coconut aminos or a squeeze of lemon.

5. Share the eating experience.

Eating meals with family or friends has been shown to boost mental health, and can make the experience of eating more enjoyable. If varying schedules mean family dinner isn’t realistic for you, try a family breakfast one or two days a week. Start a weekend lunch or dinner tradition, or a twice-a-month dinner club with friends. As long as you find a way to share a meal, you’re turning a healthy meal into a more meaningful moment.

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