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5 Simple Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Spring Cold

May 10, 2019

Nothing gets in the way of enjoying the spring weather like a cold, and yet it’s so common to get sick at this transitional time of year. Here are a few steps that will help you stay well while you wait for the days to warm up.

Avoid bad bacteria.

Duh, right? But it can be easier said than done when springtime has you out and about more, whether that’s running errands at home or traveling. Arm yourself with PlaneAire, an all-natural travel mist that kills 99.9% of surface bacteria with its blend of 6 all-natural, organic essential oils. Just spray this lab-tested mist over fabrics, hard surfaces or in the air, and wipe or air dry. It leaves behind a soothing herbal scent and a little peace of mind.

Get your sweat on.

Take advantage of the nice weather by exercising outdoors, if you like—but however you do it, make sure you get regular workouts in. Exercise improves circulation, which helps your immune system find and sweep out illnesses like colds before they take hold.

Go with your gut.

“There is some data that probiotics, especially those with lactobacillus species, may be effective in reducing upper respiratory tract infections, reducing duration of sick symptoms and reducing use of antibiotics,” says Bethesda, Maryland-based internist Dr. Sonya Chawla. Try incorporating a probiotic supplement into your routine or make sure to add a few servings of fermented foods into your day.

Break out the pot.

The neti pot, that is. “The neti pot helps to remove dirt, bacteria and allergens from within the nose and sinuses,” Dr. Chawla says. “Fill the neti pot with lukewarm salt water and insert the spout through one nostril, bend the head to the other side, open your mouth wide, let in the water through the long spout into your nostril and it will wash through the sinuses and come out of the other nostril. Remember to always use distilled water, not tap water,” to avoid infection from bacteria in water.

Wash your hands thoroughly.

Your mom probably gave you this advice, and she was right (thanks, Mom). “Nothing seems to beat good hand hygiene,” Dr. Chawla says. “This includes rubbing hands vigorously together with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, then drying thoroughly with a disposable towel. Use the towel to turn off the faucet.”

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