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5 Expert Tips for Healthier Mixed Drinks

February 27, 2019

Mixed drinks and healthy habits don’t, well, mix—or do they? While you probably already avoid going overboard with booze, there are some simple ways to upgrade your cocktails to make them better for you. We asked health coach, yoga instructor, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and bartender Jules Aron to share her secrets for healthier imbibing.

It’s all about balance

“With a background as a holistic wellness coach, and having studied yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and integrative nutrition, I’m a strong believer in living a balanced life,” says Aron, author of Zen and Tonic: Savory and Fresh Cocktails for the Enlightened Drinker. “That looks like a lot of different things for a lot of different people, but for me, taking care of myself physically and emotionally and eating and drinking clean are essential. As a long-time bartender, I approach drinking with particular care and consideration, and enjoy alcoholic beverages that showcase fresh ingredients and quality spirits, in moderation, as part of a happy, fulfilling life.”

Plan ahead

“Choose your drink selection for the night and minimize the mixing of beer, wine and spirits as much as possible,” Aron says. “Consume one glass of water with lemon per alcoholic beverage. Lemon water is detoxifying and helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body.”

Give yourself the best

“Use quality spirits,” Aron advises. “Choose organic, small batch and classic brands that take pride in creating quality products that don’t include artificial ingredients and processed sweeteners.”

Our Clean Plates crew loves Azuñia Tequila. Made from agave grown on a family-owned estate in Mexico, it’s crafted with care and bottled in small batches. We love the authentic flavor and that the fact that it’s organic.

Choose good-for-you mix-ins

“Add fresh, quality ingredients such as citrus, antioxidant-rich fruits, vitamin-packed berries and nutrient-rich leafy greens, herbs and botanicals,” Aron says. “These ingredients are nutrient dense and hydrating, eliminating the need for processed ingredients and additional sweeteners.”

If you like your adult beverage with a touch of the sweet stuff, “Stick with natural sugars such as raw honey, agave syrup, grade A maple syrup, date syrup, coconut sugar and fresh fruits as much as possible,” since processed sugars can make for worse hangovers, she says.

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