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My *Favorite* Dinner Tastes Like a Cheat Meal but Is Healthy Enough to Eat Weekly

By Danielle Centoni
August 11, 2021

Fast, delicious, picky-eater approved, pizza is a dinnertime slam-dunk. The only trouble? As vast and varied as the world of frozen pizza has become, it’s still mostly filled with junk. So, when a pizza comes along that’s as wholesome as homemade, as easy as takeout, and as delicious as a date-night dinner, I take notice. That’s how I got hooked on Talia di Napoli.

Why Talia di Napoli Pizza Is Part of My Healthy Meal Plan

So what makes them so special? For starters, actual master pizzaiolos in Naples make them in wood-fired ovens made from ancient beech woods sourced from sustainably designated forests. As someone who dreams of taking a food-centric sabbatical through Italy, just knowing this is enough to make me want to stock up.

After cooking, they’re cryogenically frozen and shipped in compostable packaging to your door. No need for preservatives, additives or GMOs. Plus, they only take 10 minutes to reheat.

But even more than the Naples factor or the convenience, it’s the simple, all-natural ingredients that has these pies on steady rotation in my house.

The pizzas use only mother dough, made with 00 flour, local and mineral-rich water and nothing else. The result? The chewy, slow-risen, blistered crust I crave — without the mess of making it myself.

For the sauce and toppings, there’s fresh basil, fresh tomatoes grown in nearby Pompei; fresh Oro Bianco Mozzarella; and Puglia extra virgin olive oil. The combination is perfection on its own, but simple enough to be a delicious canvas for all sorts of veggie toppings.

rossa pizza

The Rossa is the ideal, dairy-free blank slate.

I love sauteed kale on the Provolina, which has a rich depth of flavor from smoked provolone. Fresh heirloom tomatoes and torn basil are perfect on the hot, bubbly Mozzarella. When I want to keep things dairy-free, I’ll layer the Rossa with shaved fresh zucchini tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice before popping it in the oven. A pile of lightly dressed arugula on the Margherita after baking sends it over the top.

They feel like a cheat, but since there’s no junk I can actually feel good about serving them. These fast, versatile, super-delicious pizzas let me go all-in on the pleasure and skip the guilt. And even though they have a grown-up pedigree, kids love them too.

Buy It: Talia di Napoli Frozen Pizzas, from $13 per pie, including free shipping. (Plus, get 10% off your first order by subscribing to Talia di Napoli’s email newsletter.)

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