5 Healthy & Delicious Ways to Make the Most of Summer Corn

Summer corn recipes
Photo Credit: Waiting on Martha

September 3, 2020

By Tami Weiser

Enjoying fresh corn is a summertime pleasure. Corn is naturally sweet and well loved but it’s also bursting with plenty of beneficial nutrients, like folate, thiamin, magnesium, and Vitamin C. Fresh corn is also chock full of fiber. Most nutritionists agree that it can be a valuable and tasty part of most people’s diets. Here’s 5 new recipes to bring the season of summer corn to your plate.

Vegan Grilled Corn with Sriracha Aioli by minimalistbaker.com

Take a few cobs of sweet corn, make a creamy and delectable aioli from luxurious cashews and olive oil and drizzle some on top while it’s hot and this recipe is already a winner. Now, add plenty of sriracha in the aioli for a serious kick, and you’ve got a thrilling new version of corn on the cob that is worth every minute. The sauce is so yummy, it’s terrific on sandwiches, on scrambled tofu or on a simple salad.

Vegetarian Southern Succotash by waitingonmartha.com

Succotash, a corn and lima bean classic of the South, is often made with added sugar and copious amounts of bacon. This smart version keeps it vegetarian by using “faux” bacon.

Texas Caviar by justataste.com

Classic Tex-Mex ingredients like corn, black beans, red onion, and jalapeños come together in an apple cider dressing for a dip you can serve with grain-free tortilla chips.You might also find yourself serving this alongside grilled chicken thighs or in a salad with chunks of avocado.

Raw Corn and Avocado Salad by cleananddelicious.com

If you haven’t tried raw corn before, it is a stunningly sweet and crunchy way to enjoy fresh corn. Add in avocado and you’ve got your new favorite summer salad. Need help getting those kernels of the cob? Check out these clever methods from our friends at The Kitchn.

Healthy Mexican Street Corn by Healthyfitnessmeals.com

Cheesy goodness, a pinch of garlic and fresh sweet corn with a Mexican twist, by now, you’ve probably had this and know it’s a classic. This is a higher protein version, but you can easily switch out the sour cream for Greek yogurt for even more of a protein upgrade. It’s great with chicken, pork or steak. It’s a terrific appetizer as well as side.

Clean Plates

Good food brings people together.
So do good emails.

Clean Plates

Good food brings people together.
So do good emails.