Smoked Salmon Recipes Not on a Bagel

Smoked salmon recipes

August 31, 2020

By Isadora Baum

Smoked salmon tastes great on a bagel with cream cheese, kosher salt, black pepper, and maybe some capers and onion. Yet, there other ways to enjoy lox that doesn’t involve your go-to breakfast food. Plus, you can then have more low-carb options too, such as making a smoked salmon dip or using smoked salmon as an appetizer at a bbq for a sandwich, salad or wrap.

And you can go with wild salmon, sockeye salmon, atlantic salmon, cold smoked salmon, and more, all based on the type of flavor you want and how much sustainability matters to you. Either way, here are the best smoked salmon recipes you can whip up that don’t include layering the slices on an everything bagel.

Smoked Salmon With Maple Orange Glaze from Hey Grill Hey

Take those salmon fillets and whip up a hot smoked salmon (not cold smoked) with maple syrup, brown sugar and orange glaze, for a delicious smoked salmon recipe that uses grilling and a nice brine for a bbq appetizer everyone will love. Use kosher salt, over table salt, too. Place salmon on the grates of the smoker to cook, and once the smoking process is complete, you can enjoy. A tip? Go with wild salmon or sockeye for the best taste and texture. Use a pellet grill and make sure to let it form a pellicle with the brine.

Smoked Salmon Dip from Dinner at the Zoo

The ultimate party dip for an appetizer at an outdoor bbq this summer, this smoked salmon recipe uses cream cheese, sour cream, dill, and of course, smoked salmon, to create a creamy and thick dip that tastes great with crostini or fresh veggies. Swap cream cheese for Greek yogurt to make it lower in fat and for gut benefits. Put in a small bowl and refrigerate. It’s done in six minutes, total time. Keep one slice of lox on top as a garnish. Season with black pepper.

The Best Hot Smoked Salmon Recipe from Cooking LSL

This hot smoked salmon recipe is done on the pellet grill, and it uses hot smoking, over cold smoking, as the smoking salmon technique. You’ll make a rub and also use brining to bring out the flavor, and baste the salmon filet with delicious maple syrup. You can also use brown sugar for sweetness. Use a low temperature but know it will then take longer to cook the fish. Try sockeye with skin on, but you can also go with atlantic salmon. As for wood chips, use Traeger or Green Mountain wood grill pellets.

10-Minute Smoked Salmon Pinwheels from Ambitious Kitchen

These smoked salmon pinwheels are made with cream cheese and veggies, like spinach, for a fun finger-food appetizer at a bbq. Place salmon or lox on the wrap and layer inside to then create a pinwheel shape. Here you are using cold water salmon, and you are not cooking, so you won’t need a grill or any smoking process. When done, you can put in plastic wrap or in a small bowl, refrigerate, and then remove to enjoy at room temperature. It’s healthier than smoked salmon on a bagel, since it’s lower in carbs. Plus, it’s done in 10 minutes, total time.