And the Award Goes To…Oscars Party Appetizers

These Oscars-approved snacks get a Clean Plates health-conscious update

Healthy appetizers to eat while watching the Oscars.
Feel like a star with these fabulous, tasty treats.

July 11, 2017

Roll out the red carpet! In honor of The Oscars this Sunday, I’ve rounded up some tasty treats to make your viewing experience as delicious as possible. Simply pair with your favorite organic sparkling wine, and voila! You’ll feel like a star.

Mini Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

View original recipe. My recipe makeover tips:

Whole grain baguette:  Choose baguettes made with nutrient-rich, organic, whole grain flours like whole wheat and spelt.

Truffle cheese:  I suggest skipping the truffle butter and Gruyere the recipe calls for, and instead using unflavored butter (organic, of course—ideally from grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free cows) and truffle cheese (aka Boschetto al Tartufo).

If you prefer to follow the original recipe more closely, I recommend swapping conventional Gruyere for Alpine-style cheese made from the milk of locally raised, grass-fed cows. In addition, consider making your own truffle butter using unsalted organic butter (¼ cup, softened) and a few drops of white (mild) or black (more intense) organic truffle oil.

Chili Orange Kettle Corn

View original recipe. My recipe makeover tips:

Local, organic popcorn kernels:  Look for organic, locally-harvested popcorn kernels at your farmer’s market.  I promise they’ll taste worlds better than any packaged version.

Air-popped corn:  If you have an air-popper, this is the most healthful way to pop corn. Otherwise, use organic extra-virgin coconut oil or olive oil instead of canola oil to boost better-for-you fats.

Organic, lower-glycemic sweetener:  Replace processed white sugar with organic coconut palm sugar, a more nutritive option that can help stave off sugar-induced energy crashes.


  • Substitute mineral-rich and toxin-free Himalayan crystal salt or Real Salt from Utah for table salt.
  • Replace conventional butter with butter made from the raw milk of grass-fed cows.  (If you’re allergic to dairy, substitute organic extra-virgin coconut oil for the butter.)
  • And for the orange zest, be sure to choose an organic orange (and remember to wash and dry the orange before grating).

Stuffed Mushrooms

View original recipe. My recipe makeover tips:

Wild mushrooms: Support local mushroom foragers and farmers with the purchase of locally-grown mushrooms—and, as always, choose organic whenever possible.

Better meat:  Choose sausage made from pasture-raised pigs without antibiotics or hormones.

Local cheese:  Choose locally-made, organic hard cheese made in the style of Parmesan-Reggiano.  If a local cheese isn’t available, look for organic Parmesan-Reggiano from the Emilia-Romagna province in Italy.

Whole grain bread crumbs:  Swap whole grain flour breadcrumbs for the processed, all-purpose white flour variety.

Enjoy! And remember, keep your acceptance speech short, or the orchestra will cut you off.

Mini grilled cheese photo courtesy of Flickr user spinnerin. Popcorn photo courtesy of Flickr user Popcorn_Central. Stuffed mushroom photo courtesy of Flickr user little blue hen.