Chill Out with Frosty Grownup Ice Pops

Grownup ice pops

June 27, 2018

By Beth Lipton

Remember being a kid, and having those long, hot days at camp, when you got a sweet, drippy ice pop to help you cool off?

You’re about to enjoy that feeling again—minus the excess sugar, artificial dye that turned your mouth purple (fun as a kid, not cute as an adult), and sickly sweet flavor. These ice pops are decidedly grown-up, including good-for-you ingredients like fresh seasonal fruit, herbs, a touch of spice and healthy fats. But they still keep that dessert-on-a-stick sense of fun.

The best part: They’re all ridiculously easy to make. So whip up a batch as a whimsical end to an al fresco dinner party, or just to keep on hand for after-dinner treats.