Stay Warm & Cozy with Chicken Lemon Rice Soup

Chicken soup
Photo Credit: Feel Good Foodie

March 6, 2019

Beth Lipton is a writer and certified health coach. She is a contributing editor at Clean Plates.

If anyone has ever made chicken soup from scratch for you when you’ve been sick, you know the ultimate love and comfort in that bowl. Scientists have studied the healing power of chicken soup, and though they know it works, they haven’t been able to narrow down the exact ingredient or set of ingredients that make it so effective. (Duh—it’s the love, obviously.)

Lemon Powers the Best Chicken Soups

Personally, I would hold my husband’s homemade chicken soup up against any grandma’s, any day. He would say his is only different because he adds star anise when he makes the broth. I think it helps that he uses the best-quality ingredients he can find, organic chicken and the like. And then, there’s the love. The last time he made his soup for me I actually started to feel better while I was eating it.

I would share my husband’s recipe with you, but he doesn’t use one; he pretty much wings it every time. But when I spotted this recipe by Feel Good Foodie for Chicken Lemon Rice Soup, it looked the most like what I’ve seen him do.

But it’s the idea of adding lemon at the end that’s so lovely. I’m of the belief that most things that are good can only be made better with a splash of lemon. And the addition of rice reminds me of congee, a savory Chinese rice-based mashup of soup and porridge that’s also incredibly comforting when you don’t feel well.

If the idea of making broth from scratch sounds intimidating or time-consuming, fear not: Feel Good Foodie’s recipe breaks it down and shows how simple it is, and while it’s simmering, you can prepare the vegetables for the soup. So smart, so easy, and a perfect weekend cooking project.

Make it for a loved one who’s under the weather, make it for yourself because it’s cold and you want to warm up.

Get the recipe: Chicken Lemon Rice Soup from Feel Good Foodie

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