We Found Your New Favorite Burger: 5 Delicious (& Nutritious) Recipes To Try

Photo Credit: Zestful Kitchen

September 20, 2020

By Tami Weiser

From the best Greek-yogurt turkey burgers to a decadent mushroom option that’s completely plant-based — one of these burgers deserves a spot on your burger bucket list. Each is packed with flavor, easy to customize, and full of whole foods ingredients that keep your nutrition in mind. If you do find a new favorite, promise to let us know.

Beef Butter Burgers from thekitchn.com

This recipe is perhaps the most deliciously easy way to up the ante of juiciness. Small chilled pieces of butter are worked into the beef. That one change makes these burgers divine.Grass fed and finished beef can be a little dry. This recipe will solve that problem with aplomb. Looking for more fiber? Double up the lettuce and use a whole grain bun.

Greek Turkey Burgers by skinnytaste.com

These burgers are made with lean ground turkey. It is seasoned with garlic, cumin, oregano, and the usual salt and pepper. Kalamata olives and feta add a salty Greek punch and the chopped spinach adds extra nutrients. Any soft green, even lacinato kale, would work well if you don’t have spinach on hand. If you restrict or limit fats, this recipe is already geared for you. If you want to ramp up the juiciness and add some fat, sub ground dark meat turkey. Paired it on a gluten free bun or pita, or simply place it atop a salad, and you’ve got a lovely meal.

Mediterranean Lamb Burger With Tapenade Mayo, Arugula, and Feta from saltandwind.com

Ground lamb can be found at many groceries and this recipe takes full advantage of lamb’s unique flavors. Tapenade can be bought right from the store , as well, making this an accessible choice for so many of us. Cucumbers make this crunchy, red onion, a little zippy, and arugula, adds a delicately bitter note. If you avoid dairy, skip the cheese and make sure you have plenty of the tapenade Mayo. Olive oil mayo is a terrific option for this dish or you can swap out half for greek yogurt if you want even more protein.If you aren’t a lamb fan, ground beef or pork will also work very well.

Mediterranean Salmon Burgers by themediterraneandish.com

Tzatziki sauce, a greek yogurt sauce, is studded with cucumbers, making it a perfect foil for the salmon burgers.These burgers, aren’t really a traditional burger. They are a pan seared patty, but you can bake them in a hot oven – 385 to 400 degrees- on a little oil- and achieve a very similar result. Nomenclature aside, this salmon dish is a delicious way to get your healthy fats.Double the greens here to get more fiber in this dish, and perhaps add a few slices of cucumber or even raw zucchini, for crunch.

Vegan Mushroom Veggie Burger by zestfulkitchen.com

This innovative recipe uses mushrooms and chickpeas for it’s base. Mushrooms give the burger umami, or savoriness. The chickpeas are chock full of protein and fiber. Be forewarned, though. This recipe does take a little time, though, since the mushrooms are oven-roasted first so the patty stays firm, intact and flavorful without much filler. Miso makes this patty deep richness and even adds a bit more protein. These can be made into patties in advance and frozen, ready to be cooked whenever you need it and would also make a tasty filling for a stuffed baked tomato, zucchini boat, eggplant boat or roasted in a half of a winter squash.