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The Totally Refreshing (and 100% Booze-Free) Drinks We Love

By Ariel Knutson
July 14, 2021
Photo Credit: Treasure & Travels

Summer demands cold beverages, but that doesn’t have to mean canned rosé or spiked seltzer. Sometimes you need something hangover-free that isn’t just a plain glass of lemonade. Lucky for you there are plenty of non alcoholic summer drinks that are great for everyone at any time of day. From a juicy pineapple agua fresca to a zero-proof spicy paloma, these 10 booze-free sippers are summer’s hottest (er, coldest) accessory. 

1. Strawberry Mint Spritz

non alcoholic summer drinks

Image Credit: Fork in the Road

Take advantage of summer strawberries with this seasonal spritz! To make, you essentially create a purée out of strawberries, mint, and an optional sweetener. Then, you add it to a glass with ice and sparkling water and garnish with even more mint. 

2. Sparkling Limeade with Mint and Simple Syrup

Sparkling limeade with mint mocktail

Photo Credit: Nourish and Fete

There’s something about limeade that feels so luxurious. Lemonade? Something I drink gallons of during the summer. But limeade? Now that’s a special occasion! You only need a few ingredients to make this thirst-quenching drink this summer: homemade simple syrup (or feel free to use honey instead), limes, and sparkling water. That’s it! Serve it over a large glass of ice with a garnish of fresh mint leaves. 

3. Mango Blackberry Kombucha Mocktail

mango mocktail

Photo Credit: Get Inspired Everyday

A lot of mocktail recipes tend to be too sweet for my taste, which is why I love recipes that use kombucha as a base. It’s an easy way to add more depth and nuance. This recipe combines mango kombucha with blackberry seltzer, a little maple syrup, muddled fresh blackberries and sprigs of lemon balm (although that’s optional). 

4. Pineapple Peach Agua Fresca

Pineapple peach agua fresca mocktail

Photo Credit: How Sweet Eats

If you look up “refreshing” in the dictionary, this will be the accompanying photo. I mean: look at the thing! The blogger behind this recipe says it’s like “drinking peach pie in a glass” except it’s not too sweet. Are you sold yet? My favorite tiny detail is that in addition to using ice cubes to cool down your drink, you also use frozen peach slices — how smart is that!

5. Simple Lime Grapefruit Margarita Mocktail

Simply lime grapefruit margarita mocktail

Photo Credit: Pinch Me Good

This non-boozy take on the classic margarita substitutes tequila and orange liqueur for grapefruit juice and grapefruit seltzer. There’s a touch of honey for sweetener, but overall it’s pretty low in sugar. Finish your drink off with a big squeeze of lime and don’t forget to salt the rim!

6. Padova Spritz

Padova spritz mocktail

Photo Credit: Epicurious

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated NA drink, look no further than this Padova Spritz. In addition to soda water and San Pellegrino, the drink consists of red verjus, which is juice typically made from unripe grapes. It has a tart, but sweet taste, and pairs perfectly with the orange and olive garnish. 

7. Cucumber-Mint Fruit Cooler

Cucumber mint fruit cooler mocktail

Photo Credit: Yes to Yolks

This is like your favorite green juice, except pool-worthy. The juice is made with kiwis, cucumbers, grapes, limes, and fresh mint. You blend everything together, strain, let chill, and then serve over ice. Garnish with even more fruit (because of course). 

8. Vanilla Plum Shrub

Vanilla plum shrub mocktail

Photo Credit: The Modern Proper

If you haven’t been introduced to the joy of shrubs, don’t let another summer slip by without making one. It’s basically a drinking vinegar made with vinegar, fruit, and sugar. In this recipe, you make a shrub that consists of plums, vanilla bean, brown sugar, and apple cider vinegar. It’s a little sour, a little sweet — and when paired with club soda, it’s very delicious. 

9. Zero-Proof Jalapeño Paloma 

zero proof paloma

Photo Credit: Skinnytaste

This cocktail brings the heat with some fresh jalapeñoes that are muddled with agave syrup and water. Add that to a cocktail shaker along with lime and grapefruit juice, give it a shake, and then pour it into a glass alongside some seltzer and ice. Easy-peasy. 

10. Non-Alcoholic Sangria 

non alcoholic summer drinks

Photo Credit: Pinch and Swirl

Most non-alcoholic sangria recipes taste like fruit punch, but this one is different. The base is hibiscus tea, fresh orange juice, and a honey simple syrup. But the secret to the recipe is in the orange bitters — just make sure you get the non-alcoholic kind, like the blogger suggests.    

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