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Trend Alert: Next-Level Pumped-Up Coffee

May 29, 2018

By Beth Lipton

You already love your morning coffee (right??), and maybe you’ve even gotten into Bulletproof, blending grass-fed butter and MCT oil into your a.m. brew.

Now that fattened-up coffee is a thing that’s here to stay, companies have jumped into the market, making it easier to enjoy it on the go and adding even more power to the brew itself. When we attended the Paleo(fx) conference in Austin recently, we tried a number of these products (#journalism); here are the standouts.

Elevate Brew
The caffeine in coffee already gives your brain a boost—but this just-add-hot-water brew includes nootropics, supplements designed to up your brain game even more. They start with dark-roast Colombian coffee and then add L-Theanine, choline, Theobromine, and other ingredients meant to help with cognitive ability, memory, mood, creativity and other brain functions. With organic cocoa and a touch of xylitol for sweetness, it also tastes like a treat.
$50 for a 4.7-oz. tub (30 servings)

Butter Coffee Bombs
If you love your pumped-up coffee in the morning but just can’t do all the measuring of the butter, oil and collagen pre-caffeine, you’re in luck. Pop one of these premeasured cups into the blender with your coffee of choice, blend and go. Plus, the Bombs come in multiple flavors with different benefits: Focus (coconut oil, grass-fed butter and collagen), Happy Cacao (for mood and focus, with coconut oil, grass-fed butter, collagen, cacao, cinnamon and maple sugar), Peace + Hempiness (this vegan variety is good for focus and digestion, with coconut oil, hemp protein, cinnamon, cayenne and maple sugar), and others. Not a coffee drinker? (We forgive you.) Blend a Bomb with your favorite tea or hot milk.
$10 for a 6-pack

Sports Research Emulsified MCT Oil
No blender handy? If you’ve tried just stirring fats into your coffee, you already know what an oily mess it can be (trust us on this one). Why? Because stirring doesn’t allow the fats to emulsify, so they stay separated (similar to whisking a vinaigrette until it’s combined; if you let it sit, it separates again). Sports Research solves this with Emulsified MCT Oil. You simply stir it into hot or iced coffee (or tea, smoothies, chia pudding, etc.) and go. Available in unflavored as well as Creamy Coconut and Creamy Vanilla.
$28 for a 16-oz. bottle

Fat Fuel
This is not your mama’s instant coffee. Fat Fuel makes a rich cup, with organic coffee, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and Himalayan salt—but it comes in super-convenient packets that you can take anywhere. Just combine it with hot water, stir and go. It’s ideal for travel, since it’s shelf stable and the packets contain carry-on-bag-friendly powder. Fat Fuel is flavorful and rich with just water, or add it to brewed coffee if you’re hard core (we’ve been known to add a packet of Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee to it; the result makes us feel like superheroes).
$40 for 15 packets

Trident Coffee
Here’s one for you, cold brew devotees. Trident blends full-bodied, single-estate Brazilian coffee with MCT oil and a touch of vanilla for a happy morning in a can. You get the satisfying creaminess you want from your fatty coffee, with the low acidity and smoothness you appreciate in cold brew.
$30 for a 6-pack


BIO: Beth Lipton is a contributing editor at Clean Plates.

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