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Save a Bundle on the Best Healthy Products

July 11, 2018

One thing we always hear from friends and family is that it’s so expensive to buy healthy food, green cleaning products, etc. Plus, it’s also a hassle trying to find truly great products among the sea of ones that claim to be good for you, but still have questionable ingredients.

That’s why we’re obsessed with Thrive Market. The products in this convenient online store are carefully curated, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality, whether you’re shopping for bone broth, almond butter, laundry detergent or baby bubble bath. And before you think, “Great, how much is THAT going to cost me?”—here’s the best part: Everything is discounted 25 to 50 percent from what you’ll see at other stores.

But wait—there’s more. We’ve selected our favorite products to help you get started. Plus, Clean Plates readers get an additional 25 percent off your first order. Here’s a taste of some of the items that are always in our shopping cart (check out our full list here):

  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps and Chaga: Delicious, convenient instant coffee with the added benefits of adaptogen mushrooms? Yes, please. Now your fave pick-me-up is even better for you and as simple as adding hot water.
  • Thrive Market Organic Coconut Flakes Cereal: One of Thrive’s awesome private-label products. If you gave up sweet, carbs breakfasts because of the energy crash, you’re in for a treat—these flakes are tasty, naturally sweet and grain free, so you can enjoy a bowl of cereal and still feel like a champ.
  • Truce All-Purpose Cleaner: Ditch the fake scent and earth-unfriendly chemicals but still get your home sparkling clean and fresh-smelling with this powerful but green all-purpose cleaner.

So don’t wait. Click on over to Thrive Market and find out how easy, convenient and affordable healthier living can be.

Good food
people together.
So do
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Good food brings people together.
So do good emails.

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