Hydration Revolution

Sweet by Nature infuses water with natural sweetness

Herbal water enhancers by Sweet by Nature

June 12, 2017

We all know that the healthiest way to hydrate is by drinking ample amounts of water—it quenches without calories, aids digestion and promotes clear skin. But does the thought of guzzling glass after glass of plain-old water leave you cross-eyed with boredom?

If you’re trying to ditch soda and sugary drinks but feel stuck in the plain-water doldrums, then it’s time to enliven your water with Sweet by Nature organic herbal enhancers. Each serving of Sweet by Nature contains just two ingredients: naturally sweet organic honeybush extract and organic flavors like coconut, lemon and mango—with absolutely no sugars or artificial sweeteners. Stir Sweet by Nature into a glass of water, and you’ll skip out on empty soda calories while giving your taste buds the sweetness they crave.

But we know what you’re thinking—what’s honeybush extract? This indigenous South African herb is typically enjoyed as a tea that’s naturally caffeine free, low in tannins and high in antioxidants and essential minerals. Sweet by Nature’s sustainably sourced, hand-harvested honeybush extract will infuse your water with a distinctive amber color, subtle honey flavor and sweet aroma. Between the honeybush and the delicate fruit flavors, you won’t miss soda’s sugar or high fructose corn syrup one bit.

Pop the convenient Sweet by Nature sticks into your purse, briefcase or knapsack along with your water bottle for a burst of refreshing flavor on the go.

Try Sweet by Nature and revolutionize your hydration game today!