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The Healthiest Tea Is Also the Easiest #winwin

September 26, 2018

Pop quiz: What’s a caffeinated drink that has tons of health benefits, is flavorful and delicious and belongs in your daily routine? Nope, not that one—we’re talking about tea.

That’s right. Tea is a wellness powerhouse that boosts gut health, gives you all-day energy without jitters and helps you manage stress.

Right now, you can get the highest-quality, cleanest, most antioxidant- and phytonutrient-rich tea from Pique Tea. It also happens to be the most convenient, since it comes in packets instead of messy tea bags.

What’s so special about Pique Tea? Glad you asked.

  • Cleanest & Highest Quality. Pique is the only tea company to triple toxin screen for pesticides, heavy metals and mold, common in other teas. Pique also sources its premium organic tea leaves from small, sustainable family farms.
  • Potent. Pique cold brews its tea at low temps for up to 8 hours to extract the most antioxidants and phytonutrients. They use pressure and low heat to remove the water carefully, leaving the nutrients intact. No wonder Pique has up to 12 times the polyphenols of other teas (verified via third-party testing).
  • Convenience. Forget the hassle of tea bags or loose tea. Pique comes in packets of tea crystals that you can toss in your purse or gym bag. Tear open a packet, pour the crystals into a cup, add hot or cold water and sip yourself healthier.

Plus, Pique Teas come in amazing flavors like Jasmine Green, Ginger Citrus, and Hibiscus Mint, as well as classics like Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

Don’t take our word for it: Pique Tea has racked up accolades including 3 gold medals at the Global Tea Championships 2018. That’s right, it’s the first tea company in history to win 3 gold medals in a blind taste test by tea professionals, outshining other loose leaf brands.

What are you waiting for? It’s tea time, people. Order yours today!

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