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A Cup of Teaonic

October 13, 2015
Each Teaonic flavor is color-coded for a different health benefit.

Poor tea: it’s always playing second fiddle to coffee.

Just when we’re all on board with green tea’s superstar antioxidant properties, the bombastic older sister that is coffee steps in to steal the limelight with butter-powered Bulletproof Coffee news.

The mother-daughter team of Fleur and Desiree Chesler behind Teaonic want to put tea (and only tea) firmly in the spotlight with a new line of organic bottled herbal teas that contain absolutely no sugars, sweeteners, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Desiree was a high-powered lawyer with the stress levels to match. When she found her “health in a mess,” she and her mother attended the Institute for Integrate Nutrition, adopted a diet based on whole foods and started making restorative and invigorating herbal teas to support the body.

The non-GMO tonics are made from herbs, roots, leaves, barks, fruits, flowers and spices and are brewed at Teaonic’s Los Angeles microbrewery. Each bottle is aimed at a different benefit, such as gut health, liver or skin support. The “I Love My Adrenals” blend uses a mix of cinnamon, ginger and clove along with holy basil and the adaptogen herbs rhodiola and eleuthero root for stress relief. The bold labeling makes it easy to sort out just what you need, no matter how deep a funk you are in.

Look for the bottles everywhere from Wanderlust Hollywood to the San Francisco airport or get them online where you can build your own variety pack.

We especially loved using the teas in smoothies in place of water (get more recipe ideas here) and the cute and reusable apothecary-style bottles—we upcycled ours into vases for fresh blooms on the windowsill.

What paper latte cup ever did that for you, huh?

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