Brussels Sprouts A Snack

Brussel Bytes offers Brussels sprout lovers an addictive new way to eat their favorite veggie

Check out these snackable Brussels sprouts
All the goodness of Brussels sprouts in super snackable form—we're in love.

July 2, 2017

Oh poor Brussels sprouts­–you’ve been unfairly maligned, treated badly with overcooking and cast as a vegetable villain in many a TV show.

But Brussels sprouts, it’s you who are getting the last laugh with your new makeover: absolutely delicious Brussel Bytes ($6 for 2 oz.).

These raw, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO snacks come in three zesty flavors: Cheezy Herb, which gets its cheesiness from cashews and nutritional yeast, Tamarind Apple, which has a touch of sweetness and Chili Pumpkin Seed Crunch, which enlists cilantro, cumin and apple cider vinegar for kick. Himalayan crystal salt, high in trace minerals that do a body good, also shows up in all varieties, but none taste overly salty.

We like eating Brussel Bytes straight out of hand or crumbling them up to add texture and crunch to a salad or warm grain bowl. Brussel Bytes are available nationally in Whole Foods and various other stores, as well as on Amazon.

Sequoia Cheney, the CEO of Wonderfully Raw Gourmet—which makes Brussel Bytes along with several other tasty raw snacks—was inspired to start a raw foods company after being diagnosed with Type II diabetes. She decided to try to reverse the diabetes with food, and says that today she is completely medication free.

“To make our Brussel Bytes we start with fresh, organic Brussels sprouts sourced from farmers we have worked with for years, ” she told us. “We season them and gently dehydrate them to preserve the bioavailability of the nutrients.”

Like their cruciferous cousins, cabbage and kale, Brussels sprouts are a very good source of vitamins C, B6 and K, as well as potassium, folate and manganese.

Since Brussel Bytes launched last year, the response has been greater than Cheney could have ever imagined. “We get letters and emails from folks telling us how much they love our Brussel Bytes,” she said.

Pick up a package and you just might be penning a love letter to Brussels sprouts too.