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This is the Best Tasting Nut You’re Not Snacking On

By Sheela Prakash
October 25, 2019

Before I say anything else, you need to know that I am not much of snacker. Perhaps this makes me square but I am typically quite content with my three meals a day. So when I find something that makes my non-snacking self want to stop everything I am doing at 3 o’clock to grab a handful, that’s saying something. This nut satisfies every craving I usually don’t even realize I have come mid-afternoon. Truth is it might be the most expensive snack you could reach for but hear me out: It’s worth burning the small hole in your pocket.

Marcona Almonds Are The Very Best Snack. Period.

While I do love all types of nuts but when it comes to snacking, you can do no better than Marcona almonds. This variety of almonds is a specialty of Spain, where it’s imported from.

How they’re different: Marconas are shorter in size with more rounded edges. In terms of texture and flavor, they’re soft, almost like macadamia nuts, and they taste mildly sweet and extra buttery. They’re sold roasted and salted, and that salty kick is a stark contrast against their sweet flavor. They’re like no other nuts you’ve come across. If you make your way to Trader Joe’s you can find marcona almonds seasoned with either rosemary or truffle salt.

Yes, They’re Expensive

Since they’re imported, they definitely don’t come cheap — they’re roughly double the price of most other nuts — around $20 bucks a pound. Yet, I think they’re worth the splurge when you’re craving a special snack that feels indulgent and does your body good.

Their uniqueness in texture and flavor makes them wildly satisfying, so I find I don’t need to eat through a whole bag to reap their pleasure. Plus, like all nuts, they’ve got that perfect balance of protein and fat to provide a kick of energy mid-day.

I put a small handful in a bowl and take my time enjoying them, every bite seemingly whisking me off to a sunny afternoon in Spain before I polish my snack off and realize I am still at my desk. They’re expensive, yes, but I’d say cheaper than a plane ticket, no?

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