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5 New Healthy Products We Love: Volume 9

September 15, 2016

By Stephanie Schoenster

From low-sugar protein bars to healthy chips (yes, really!), this week we found a kitchen-cabinet’s-worth of new healthy snacks for munching, crunching and savoring. Here are this week’s favorite new healthy products:


1. Keep Healthy Low Glycemic Bars

Finally a high quality protein bar with a low sugar content! These bars are designed to help people with Type 1 Diabetes keep blood sugar levels in check, with organic plant-based ingredients like chicory root and coconut nectar. Each bar is sweetened with natural fruit and contains 12 grams of protein. We love how these bars are super tasty but not overly sweet—and without being packed with sugar or chocolate. Our favorite flavors: coconut crunch, sea salt brownies, and lemon zest. (Available online; $40 for a box of 16)

2. Wai Lana Cassava Pops

You might recognize Wai Lana from her famous yoga show on PBS, but did you know she also makes a healthy, addictive snack? We can’t get enough of her Cassava pops! Cassava is potato-like tuber that’s a staple crop throughout South and Central America—and that happens to make a tasty chip as well. These gluten free chips are some of the best we’ve ever had. Each air-popped chip is melt-on-your tongue light with 70% less fat than regular chips, and lower salt content to boot. (Available at stores nationwide or online; $1.39 for a 0.8 oz bag and $3 for a 3 oz. bag)

3. Oat My Goodness

Each bag of these perfectly-sized granola clusters is carefully handmade in small batches. But that’s not the only way this granola is different: It’s also cooked with heart-healthy olive oil, which packs a mellow, rich taste into each bite. We loved the short ingredient list, and the fact that this granola is lower in sugar and sodium compared to other granola brands. Our favorite flavor was the Sunrise granola. (Available at select stores nationwide or online; $10 for 1 bag)

4. Barnanas

These tasty little snack bites taste just like banana bread, but are made with just two ingredients! Non-GMO organic unsweetened fruit and dehydrated banana combine in a chewy square that can be devoured in one delicious bite. One of Barnana’s missions is to combat the food waste so prevalent in the U.S., and the bananas used in these snacks are ones considered unfit to be sold in the supermarket due to surface blemishes. (Available at stores nationwide or online; $15 for a 3-pack)

5. Purely Pecans

This absolutely delicious pecan butter is made with only one ingredient: raw pecans, and “nuttin'” else. Straight from the heart of pecan country in Georgia, each jar is made with pecans from local farmers. Our favorite way to eat it is with some sliced apples as a quick snack. (Available online; $13 for one jar)


Photo: @purelypecans on Instagram


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