Host a Food Revolution Supper Club

Take part in Jamie Oliver's healthy, sustainable food movement in your own home

Food Revolution Supper club supports change in America's food system.
Be a catalyst in reversing America's obesity crisis by hosting your own Food Revolution Supper Club. (Photo by: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution)

July 11, 2017

By Erin Kuschner

Between a TV show, a mobile food revolution, and trying to solve the obesity crisis in America, Jamie Oliver is a busy man. But he can’t do it alone. Fundraising Supper Clubs, the latest idea from his Food Revolution, lets YOU be the catalyst for change.

The concept is simple: host a meal, and either ask guests for donations or charge admission—then donate the proceeds to Food Revolution, where it will be used to educate communities nationwide about the importance of healthy eating and cooking. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Plan, plan, plan. How many guests will you have? Who will be cooking? What’s on the menu? The more you plan, the better prepared you will be. If the Supper Club is open to the community, you’ll want to secure an area large enough to hold everyone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to town halls or civic centers for dining space.

2. Keep it local. The Food Revolution is all about healthy, sustainable living, so try to use ingredients from local businesses, like farmers, ranchers and brewers. Even better — ask if they can do the cooking or provide demonstrations at your event.

3. Manage your guest list. The more the merrier, but not when there isn’t enough food for everyone. Whether your supper club is open to friends and family or your entire neighborhood, keep a running tally of attendees and their guests.

4. Document your event. Take pictures and videos, post them on Facebook, or blog about the meal (see an example here). Share your story with the Food Revolution community and encourage others to organize their own event.

5. Have fun! Decorate with candles, flowers or creative place cards; give your night a theme; or include games. Think of these supper clubs as one big party—for a great cause, of course.

Do you have plans to host your own Food Revolution Supper Club? Tell us about it!

Photo courtesy of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.