A More Environmentally Conscious Beef?


November 10, 2017

Eat beef, it’s full of B vitamins and iron. Don’t eat beef, it’s a cause of climate change. What’s an environmentally conscious omnivore to do?

Now you may not have to choose.

A company called Mootral has created an all-natural feed supplement that, when given to cows, can reduce their methane gas emissions by 30 percent.

“On a global scale, livestock accounts for 15 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, consumers want and need meat and milk products, Mootral CEO Christoph Staeuble said in a statement. “Cows are a crucial factor in our environmental ecosystem and the economy, since they transform biomass, such as grass, into essential nutrients for a growing population. With Mootral, we offer a solution which has an immediate, positive effect on the climate and the cow’s health.”

If you’re going to be in the Los Angeles area November 13 through 15, you can try the meat for yourself. The Mootral Food Truck, featuring free tastes from a beef menu from celebrity chef Michael Voltaggio, will be in the following locations:

Monday, November 13
12777 W Jefferson Blvd., LA
3 pm – 7 pm

Tuesday, November 14
1330 E Franklin Ave., El Segundo
12 pm – 3 pm

Wednesday, November 15
2500 Broadway, Santa Monica
12 pm – 3 pm