5 Clean & Quick Breakfast Dishes (That Aren’t Eggs)

Egg-free breakfast dishes
Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

October 2, 2019

By Lauren Paige

Starting your day with a satisfying meal can be the key to keeping your mind strong and your body fueled but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same plate of eggs and bacon every week. Get in your early protein and add some excitement to your mornings with these satisfying, easy-to-make egg-free breakfast ideas.

Banana Bread Chia Seed Pudding from All the Healthy Things

This chia seed pudding is perfect for those days when your craving something sweet but want to keep things clean. It’s crunchy and creamy and packed with all the fiber you need to feel fueled all morning long.

Smoked salmon pinwheels
Photo Credit: Ambitious Kitchen

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels from Ambitious Kitchen

Start off your day with this healthy take on a smoked salmon bagel. Packed with fresh spinach, fresh fish and a tangy chives and dill cream cheese, these protein pinwheels are perfect for a make-ahead breakfast when you’re on-the-go.

Chickpea Pancakes from Oh She Glows

Pancakes don’t have to be just fluffy and sweet, these savory chickpea flapjacks are filled with protein and can be the perfect addition to your healthy lunch or brunch. Top with avocado or your favorite fruit and you’ve got a colorful, hearty breakfast.

Blueberry sausage patties
Photo Credit: Eat Whole Live Fit

Blueberry Sausage Patties by Eat Whole Live Fit

Who knew blueberries and sausage go so well together? Well now, you do! The spiciness of the meat mixed with the sweetness of the berries create a flavour combination that will have you dreaming about breakfast all day long.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns by Minimalist Baker

With a lot of crispy, a bit of crunchy, and a dash of sweet, this spiralized hash brown recipe will easily become a regular in your breakfast routine. Serve them with some fresh greens or your favorite protein and put a healthy spin on how you start the day.