nut free butters

5 Awesome Nut-Free Butters to Try Instead of Peanut Butter

By tanya / August 29, 2021 /

We love peanut butter, but sometimes it’s good to mix things up.

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grilled salmon with strawberry avocado salsa

A Healthy, Delicious, and Labor-Free Labor Day Menu

By tanya / August 19, 2021 /

If you want to go out with a bang not a whimper, this super effortless, nutrition-packed, Delicious (with a capital D) Labor Day menu is for you.

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5 Clean Plates-Approved Sunscreens That Are Safe & Effective

By tanya / June 18, 2021 /

We road-tested a bevy of lotions and creams. Here are the safe and effective mineral formulas that stood up to the heat.

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chickpea veggie burgers

We Ate a Lot of Veggie Burgers and Found a Clear Winner

By tanya / June 6, 2021 /

We recently scoured the frozen foods aisle to find the cleanest veggie burgers out there, from the classic brands that have been around for ages to the new kids on the block. Then we put them to the test to find out which ones best satisfied our cravings. Here’s how it went.

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Almond Joy

These Healthier Homemade Candies Are Pretty Sweet

By tanya / May 20, 2021 /

These healthier homemade candies are sure to satisfy — without leaving you in a sugar-crash coma.

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nice cream

We Can’t Stop Eating These Healthy Ice Creams

By tanya / May 5, 2021 /

Luscious, creamy treats without the sugar crash? Plus, no ice cream maker needed. We all scream for nice cream.

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chickpea flour

Why You Should Be Baking with Chickpea Flour (and How to Do it)

By tanya / May 4, 2021 /

Chickpea flour may be the perfect healthier flour. Not only does it deliver fiber, protein, and important vitamins and minerals, it’s dense and sturdy (in a good way) and it has a rich, nutty flavor. Here’s what to know about baking with chickpea flour.

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canned fish

Beyond Tuna Fish: 3 More Canned Fish to Try

By tanya / April 13, 2021 /

You know about tuna, of course, but here’s why salmon, mackerel, and sardines also deserve a place in your pantry, plus which brands to buy.

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egg ideas

5 Ways to Get Out of Your Egg Rut

By tanya / March 3, 2021 /

There’s nothing wrong with a simple scramble, but there are plenty of other ways to put this staple to good use. Here are 5 ideas to get you out of your rut — or just inspire you to try something different.

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food cravings

Here’s Exactly How to Deal with Your Food Cravings

By tanya / February 17, 2021 /

Can’t step away from the chocolate, chips, or cheese? Before you go down the shame spiral, know that it isn’t simply a lack of willpower. There are physiological reasons why we get hooked on certain foods, and understanding them can help us stop the cycle.

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Need to Detox? Here are 10 Common Foods That Can Help

By tanya / February 15, 2021 /

Cleansing doesn’t have to mean multiple days of nothing but juice or some other austere plan. Here are 10 detoxifying foods to incorporate into your routine for a kinder, gentler refresh. How many are a part of your diet?

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healthy hair

What to Eat (and What to Avoid) for Healthy, Shiny Hair

By tanya / February 8, 2021 /

Everyone wants a gorgeous head full of healthy hair. In reality, dry, dull, brittle, or breaking hair, and even hair loss, are fairly common. Though we don’t control our genes, fortunately, we are in charge of what we eat. Here are some of the foods experts recommend for beautifying and strengthening your locks.

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The Spice-Rack Staple You Should Be Adding to Everything You Eat

By tanya / February 3, 2021 /

This spice-rack staple balances blood sugar, boosts energy, and reduces inflammation. Here’s why (and how) you should add it to basically everything.

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healthy fats

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Fat

By tanya / January 29, 2021 /

Many of us grew up with the idea that fat is the enemy. And, after decades of directives to minimize our dietary fat intake, it can be difficult to change our attitudes and our behaviors. But experts now agree: Fat is essential for good health. So, if you’re still ordering skinny lattes and egg-white omelets, it’s time to reset your thinking. 

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a young woman prepares to make a smoothie

Here’s How to Stay Hydrated (Without Guzzling Tons of Water)

By tanya / January 4, 2021 /

An R.D. explains which foods (not drinks!) can keep you quenched. Here are 4 water-free ways to improve hydration.

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healthy grilling tips

Do’s and Don’ts for Healthier Grilling This Summer

By tanya / July 2, 2019 /

Grilling is a relatively easy and generally healthy way to enjoy the flavors of the season. That is, if you keep these healthy grilling tips in mind. 

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Cups of tea

10 Teas To Boost Your Health

By tanya / October 30, 2017 /

Hot, iced, with honey, in a latte—tea is good in so many ways. Whether you reach for basic black, grassy green or one of the array of herbal options, each has its own set of health-boosting traits.

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Iodized salt

What Is Iodized Salt (and Should You Be Using It)?

By tanya / October 17, 2017 /

If you’ve ever noticed the word “iodized” on your box of table salt and wondered what it meant, you’re about to find out.

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Why We’re Sweet on Honey

By tanya / October 16, 2017 /

Ancient remedies are squarely in vogue, with bone broth, essential oils, cupping and others enjoying plenty of press and celebrity Instagram love. Add honey to this group of cool, must-have, grandma-approved items, which humans have been utilizing for millennia.

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Hazelnut bean burger

Vegan or Vegan-Curious? You’ll Love This Cookbook

By tanya / October 10, 2017 /

If the notion of vegan food still conjures images of plain quinoa and kale, get ready for Vegan: The Cookbook. In it, French chef Jean-Christian Jury offers an encyclopedic global tour of plant-based cuisine, with nearly 500 recipes from 150 countries.

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Phoebe Lapine's Wellness Project

Look Inside Chef Phoebe Lapine’s Year-Long Wellness Project

By tanya / September 28, 2017 /

The rash blooming across her nose was not the only sign something was amiss inside Phoebe Lapine’s body, but it was the one that looked back at her in the bathroom mirror. Between the rash, muscle pain, hot and cold flashes, and crushing fatigue, Lapine was fed up with feeling bad.

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What Is Maca and Why Is It Suddenly Everywhere?

By tanya / September 26, 2017 /

Turmeric, matcha, bone broth—when the healthy-food crowd decides it’s interested in a trendy food, you suddenly see it everywhere. Right now, maca is having a moment, popping up in everything from protein powders and snack bars to drinks and popcorn.

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Marijuana and wellness

Weed: The Latest Wellness Trend?

By tanya / September 25, 2017 /

Wellness experts are seriously buzzing over marijuana (sorry). If you’ve been wondering whether this is yet another passing trend, or if pot is here to stay among athletes, yogis and other wellness influencers, read on: We spoke to experts immersed in the convergence of health and cannabis and got the lowdown.

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Vegetable noodles

3 Vegetable Noodle Dishes You’ll Love

By tanya / September 21, 2017 /

Zoodles get all the Instagram love, but you can make noodles out of lots of vegetables—and you don’t even need an expensive spiralizer. A regular vegetable peeler or julienne peeler can help you create lovely noodle-esque strands of vegetables that are enjoyable raw or very lightly cooked, full of nutrients and free of empty carbs.

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