Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipes You Can Make at Home

By michelle / August 31, 2021 /

Obsessed with Starbucks’ PSL, but not with all that sugar? Here are a few healthier recipes you can make at home.

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packed lunch

5 Not-Sad Desk Lunches You Don’t Have to Re-Heat

By michelle / August 30, 2021 /

Bored with the same old tupperware Tuesday lunch? Try one of these brilliant packed lunch ideas. No reheating required.  

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dried beans

Are Dried Beans *Actually* Better Than Canned Beans?

By michelle / August 23, 2021 /

If you’re choosing your beans solely on nutrition, dried beans are the clear choice. Still, rinsed canned beans are a close second. Let’s take a closer look. 

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air fryer chicken tenders

These Crispy Chicken Tenders Will Make You Want to Buy an Air Fryer

By michelle / August 17, 2021 /

These crunchy chicken tenders — which, by the way, are paleo, gluten free and Whole30-compliant — will make you want an air fryer. Or love chicken. Or both.

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big zucchini

Hot Take: You Should Be Buying Bigger Zucchini

By michelle / August 10, 2021 /

Here’s why big zucchini is better, plus five recipes (including zucchini tots!) to make the most of this summer squash.

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salmon caesar salad

Canned Salmon Is Better Than Canned Tuna

By michelle / August 9, 2021 /

These recipes, from a fresh take on Caesar salad to super-simple salmon burgers that take 15 minutes to make, are proof.

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cauliflower rice

How to Make Perfect Cauliflower Rice Every Time

By michelle / August 2, 2021 /

There’s a right and a wrong way to cook cauliflower rice. If you’re not careful, you can easily be left with a bowl of soft, tasteless mush. Here’s how to make perfect, crumbly, couscous-like “rice” every single time.

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ways to use Greek yogurt

8 Delicious Ways to Use Greek Yogurt in the Kitchen

By michelle / July 29, 2021 /

From dips to dressings, whipped cream to frozen treats, there are a million ways to use Greek yogurt in the kitchen — well, at least 8.

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better skin

8 “Skinimalist” Tips for Better Skin

By michelle / July 28, 2021 /

Have you heard of skinimalism? It’s the idea that less is more when it comes to skincare and it flies in the face of everything beauty companies have spent decades telling us.

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Boost energy

Why You Have Zero Energy (and What to Do About It)

By michelle / July 26, 2021 /

It is totally 100% understandable to be completely zapped right now. And it can also feeling 100% overwhelming. That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 tips to help you boost your energy. Summer is waiting!

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