Jenn Fillenworth, MS, RD, is a personal chef and registered dietitian from Grand Rapids, MI. She currently works as a personal chef for a functional medicine group where she combines her knowledge of nutrition and culinary arts. Jenn also works as a culinary instructor for the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education where she teaches nutrition and menu planning. When Jenn isn’t busy with work, she loves to travel and explore new cuisines around the world.

    how to cook brussels sprouts

    3-Super Simple Ways to Make Brussels Sprouts Delicious (No Bacon Required)

    By Jenn Fillenworth MS, RD / April 15, 2021 /

    Let us be clear: Brussels sprouts and bacon is a very good idea. Bacon provides fat for sautéing and plenty of delicious flavor and texture for these tiny cabbages. However, bacon isn’t for everyone; Brussels sprouts are! So here are a few of our favorite ways to cook Brussels sprouts without bacon.

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    You’ve Been Making Spaghetti Squash All Wrong

    By Jenn Fillenworth MS, RD / January 26, 2020 /

    Spaghetti squash seems to be one of those polarizing foods. You either love it or maybe you even hate it, but perhaps it’s because you have never really had a good recipe before.

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    How to Make Broccoli Delicious (Without Covering it in Cheese)

    By Jenn Fillenworth MS, RD / January 12, 2020 /

    Does cooking with broccoli cause you to have a major creativity block? You’re not alone! Most recipes tend to feature broccoli covered in cheese, baked in cheese, or pretty much anything else involving cheese. While delicious, it’s good to have some healthy alternatives that make broccoli just as, if not, more delicious.

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    Kale caesar salad

    3 Ways to Make Kale Taste Delicious (Instead of Like Dirt)

    By Jenn Fillenworth MS, RD / January 3, 2020 /

    If you’re not a fan of the slightly dirt-like flavor and chewy texture, how can you get on board with #teamkale? Here are three ways to turn this fibrous and earthy vegetable into something delicious.

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    Make potatoes delicious

    3 Ways Make Potatoes Delicious (Without Adding a Ton of Cream)

    By Jenn Fillenworth MS, RD / November 23, 2019 /

    The hearty and humble potato is a staple for many, especially around the holidays. But beyond being a workhorse in the kitchen, they are a great source of potassium, more so than bananas, making them a delicious and nutritious side dish to any meal.

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    Butternut squash

    How to Make Butternut Squash Delicious (Without Adding a Ton of Sugar)

    By Jenn Fillenworth MS, RD / November 3, 2019 /

    The cold weather is in full swing and one thing that you see at every farmer’s market and in every grocery store is butternut squash. This vegetable can be intimidating — even to those who have cooked it before.

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