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40 Cloves of Garlic Roast Chicken

This Is Exactly Why You Should Be Eating More Garlic (Plus 5 Great Garlic Recipes)

By Jess N / November 29, 2021 /

Garlic is antioxidant, antibiotic, *and* anti-inflammatory — oh, and it’s delicious.

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Roasted Garlic Soup

Your Guide to Preserving Garlic This Winter (Plus Our Favorite Roasted Garlic Recipe)

By Jess N / November 15, 2021 /

Preserving garlic is easy and delicious — and it’s a great way to get more of this immunity-boosting superhero into your diet.

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what to cook in may

From Rosemary-Garlic Steak to the *Perfect* Strawberry Tart, Here’s What to Cook This May

By Amanda Capritto / April 27, 2021 /

With the arrival of May, we’re looking for reasons to get outside and eat outside. Here’s how we’ll be filling our plates. Hint: It involves lots of grilled foods and the most divine strawberry tart, that happens to be vegan and gluten-free.

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Garlic powder

It’s OK to Love Garlic Powder

By michelle / July 5, 2018 /

Garlic powder—we grab it out of the spice rack when we don’t feel like hassling with fresh, but to be honest, we always felt a little sheepish about it. It just seems so… uncheffy, like a bit of a culinary cop-out.

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Garlic Mashed Butternut Squash

Garlic Mashed Butternut Squash

By michelle / November 15, 2017 /

With more flavor, color, and nutrition, a lower glycemic index, and plenty of garlic, this mashed potato-like recipe is a great alternative to “regular” mashers.

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Roasted Carrots and Parsnips with Garlic, Citrus, and Sage

Roasted Carrots and Parsnips with Garlic, Citrus, and Sage

By michelle / November 10, 2017 /

Roasted root vegetables are an ideal winter side dish, and when they become brown and caramelized, they have a sweetness that can satisfy your sugar cravings. Usually, it’s plenty to toss them with just olive oil, salt, and pepper, but when you want a bit more, this is your dish. The citrus adds brightness, the…

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Garlic hazelnut pesto

Garlic-Hazelnut Pesto Purée

By tanya / May 2, 2017 /

Enjoy this pesto from James Peterson’s Sauces on grilled foods or as a thickener for soups and sauces

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Golden garlic hummus

Golden Garlic Hummus

By Jared Koch / November 10, 2016 /

You’ll go crazy for our golden garlic hummus. Check out the recipe video and see how easy it is to make!

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Cauliflower soup recipe

Cauliflower Soup with Roasted Garlic Oil

By Jared Koch / August 24, 2016 /

Here’s an excellent example of how quick and easy it is to make a warming homemade soup. This cauliflower soup is lusciously creamy even though it’s dairy- free- and it’s finished with a drizzle of always-welcome roasted garlic oil. This recipe is from The Clean Plates Cookbook ($17; Running Press) by Jared Koch with Jill Silverman Hough. …

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Crostini garlic olive oil recipe

Crostini with Garlic and Olive Oil

By Jared Koch / August 2, 2016 /

Crostini and Bruschetta are the same except for the size of the bread. Crostini are generally 3 bites from a long loaf, while bruschetta is heartier.

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